What the fucking Fuck who invented these and why just Omg

hahahah! right!



What the fucking Fuck who invented these and why just Omg

hahahah! right!

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taking a day off!!

today i woke up with the familiar soreness i’ve been having since Monday that i started working out (yeyyyyyyyy!) but also with a severe low back pain that reminded me it’s that special time of the month :P So this is my day off and tomorrow i’ll be working out again :)

I know that working out actually makes me feel better when i’m having period cramps and everything but since i’m already sore i chose to give myself a day off,cause i’m having enough pain already going on!

On another note yesterday was a pretty good day , i did my #3 of lvl1 and added 30 mins of my basic Vinyasa flow , i was so sweaty and happy by the end of it :D I’m really excited being active again!

Updates! :)

So yesterday was a pretty touch day i had to wake up fit in a workout somewhere and then almost run to get the bus to work (which is me volunteering to teach physics to children getting ready for their big big exams in order to get accepted into a uni!). I woke up with my arms being sore,like seriously sore, couldn’t straighten my arms whole day!!!So i decided to avoid 30 day shred cause of all the arm workout and did 20mins of Blogilates abs (hardcoreeeee!)!

Today i’m still sore BUT i did day 2 of my 30day programm  only used smaller weights to keep good form and avoid injury :) Even though some arm exersices where easy by the end of it i was still covered in sweat and that’s a win for me! 

Now i’m off to shower, have lunc and off to teach a class or 2 , i may post a detailed food journal befoe bedtime !

i hope you all have a nice day!!

if you wanna share anything drop me a message ;)


YOU’RE a baby

I’M a baby


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My girlfriend looks good, but she could look better…

‘Your only responsibility is to support them in reaching their unique capacity’
~Elliott Hulse


I probably already reblogged this onto this account, but here, have it again.

This guy deserves a medal and I will never not reblog this.

Best video ever!

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Why i started the 30 day shred 

Being away from working out for so many months (since last february) i’m so not used to doing so all of the sudden.I actually prefer relaxing after a hard day of work or sleep some more in the morning. But as i said in a previous post i want to get active again, it makes me feel alive! So starting a thing like that program that needs to be done everyday for a considerable amount of days will get me back into the habit of working out and of course build some part of my lost stamina and strength. So hopefully after the 30 days are over i’ll be able to evolve on my own , doing my own workouts like i used too :)

The cool thing is that Blogilates has made my core so strong i find the ab part of the first level too easy , yet my arms that have always been my weakest part were like trembling macaroni after the workout hahha!


30 day shred lvl1 day 1 was succesfully completed today , and man i’m out of shape!! I’ve tried this one before but it was too easy for me at the time , it’s amazing how your stamina and strength can change if you stop working out! Yet it’s nothing that cannot be turned around right ? :D 

~I’m pretty pleased with my eating as well , i’ve been eating as clean as possible for the past months so this aint a problem for me :) more detailed meal journal in the next days for anyone interested !

~I wanna connect my Instagram to my tublr si everything i post there is posted here as well is that even possible? can someone help me?